Friday's Reflections

1.) Just when you think Arizona is the most selfish human on planet earth, Callie actually rises to the occasion by being more selfish. Crazy. #GreysAnatomy

2.) Is Empire doing gospel songs now? Because last week's episode featured a song that ministered to me.

3.) What sort of mother calls her mentally ill son "crazy ass"? #OnlyCookie

4.) The moment you stop waiting to hear God's audible voice, you actually begin to "hear" him. That was slightly paradoxical or completely insane (depending on who is reading).

5.) It's best to bow when the ovation is loudest.

6.) "No matter how dark it gets, the sun WILL rise again."- Meredith Grey.

7.) I can write an entire entire book on number six above. Let me just say this, it WILL pass. No matter what it is.

8.) God really came through for me this week. It had been a long time coming, and boy did he come with full force? #Grateful

9.) No longer waiting :-)

10.) It's my sister's birthday today! Yay!

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