Happy Birthday, E!

I really had to wish E a happy birthday here. She's probably the biggest fan of this blog. If I listen to her too much, I'll probably start to overestimate myself. She tells me I'm gifted, that I'm good, and that I write very effortlessly.  She doesn't just talk though, she actually shares posts I write. But that's what friendship is, isn't it? To have people who believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself. To have someone who is always there. On my birthday last month, which I spent in solitude by the way, she made all her friends [who had never met/spoken to me] call me. It really was great, but not surprising at all because I know the kind of person E is.


E is a dependable friend. She is extremely kindhearted and very generous. I feel blessed to know someone like her and call her a friend. Erm, she is more than a friend; she is a sister. So,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister-girl. You are one in a million. Our conversations—voice-notes, videos, phone conversations make life more interesting.

I pray God blesses you immeasurably. Shine on baby girl!



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