Mipuraziba Was Here

I like how blogging helps to document things for posterity. It really feels good to look back on some things I have written and see how far I have come. Anyway, my [childhood] friend, ride or die chic, favorite chic, mainest chic, and Day 1 babe (literally), M  came visiting this weekend. We were bunkmates throughout the six years of secondary school, so our friendship is one of shared history and memories; one that I don't take for granted. We're like sisters actually. Anyway, what better way to do touristy things than when your friend comes visiting? So off we went.

Apart from talking about everything—our lives, secondary school, petty gossip, boys, men, our careers, engagement rings, social media, cars...everything—we also took a buttload of pictures: more than I know what to do with. So I thought, why not share some of them here? Enjoy.

Warning: very picture heavy post.

She's about to be the face of the $20 bill!!! Whooooop!

Department of treasury!
Oh hey Mr. President!
Some Ice cream for the road
Dinner from Old Ebbitt Grill
The Supreme Court
People protesting God knows what (as usual) in from of the Supreme Court
I think hers is the first female statue and second statue of a black person (after MLK) in Congress
E pluribus, unum...
Out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope...

Sunday best!

If you reached here, you're the real MVP.

Here's to love and great friendships!



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