Friday Reflections

1.) Long weekends are reminders of God's blessings. #Grateful

2.) This story of the woes of infertility brought me close to tears. Even as I read, I felt a roller coaster of emotions: I hit my palm on the table in mini-celebration when I saw they were pregnant and slouched in disappointment and sadness when they lost it. Imagine how THEY felt when it happened.

3.) Law and Order SVU had a poignant season finale.

4.) All my shows are over for the year. I can't. I just can't. What do I do now, on Wednesday and Thursday nights?

5.) For someone who anticipated sunshine for so long, I don't think I can cope any longer with the amount of humidity and heat that has descended upon us in all the two seconds of "summer".

6.) Still, here comes the sun! It's alright....

7.) Currently too tired to even reason.

8.) Chocolate cake...nom nom nom.

9.) I'm learning the art of not giving a darn what people think or say about me. I think it will be freeing, to some extent at least. 

10.) There is a God and he loves me.

Happy Memorial day, folks! 

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  1. Enjoy your long weekend. Not caring about what people think or say about us is an 'art' All the best!