The End of an Era

Happy New Year!

I'm sitting on my bed and thinking about the end of this profound era called the Obama administration, and then it occurs to me that I have not blogged this year. So here I am: blogging.
Honestly, the year did not start with me bursting with energy and optimism. I was on vacation from work, so I took a vacation from blogging too. I am back now though. Yay! I plan to be more intentional and disciplined this year, with blogging but also with every other aspect of my very busy life. I think this is the busiest I have ever been in my entire life, but I love it. Love love it. The best part is I am even more inspired to write and blog more, so we'll see how it goes. In coming months, there should be a new face to the blog; a new blogging schedule; and hopefully more consistency. Ugh I'm usually afraid of declaring so boldly in public. But, this year is all about doing it afraid! I'm currently reading a book I love, and can't wait to talk about it in my Book of the Month, a series I enjoyed so much, I have decided to bring that into 2017 as well. I have many other written down goals for the year, and I'm quite pumped and hyped about them. I pray God gives me the grace and strength to achieve them ALL.

Today is the last day of President Obama's presidency. I really am speechless. First of all, the class and grace, and all that he exudes will be greatly missed. But most of all, he was (and is) a brilliant, extraordinary, and disciplined president. There was not a single scandal in all of his presidency, which in American politics is a pretty big deal. To top it all, he is a man who genuinely loves his family. I mean, the way he treats his wife and kids, it really is amazing. Because of him, many can. His legacy will definitely live on; I don't care how hard they try to destroy everything he worked for. History will definitely be kind to him. I am confident of that. This is by no means a tribute...I wouldn't even know where and how to start that. But this is a reminder to me and coming generations that you can defy odds; you can dream the "impossible" and become it if you work hard. How else do you explain a son of a Kenyan man, who was raised in Hawaii becoming a president in America? The same America, where merely 60 years ago, a person with the same color as him could not VOTE, much less run for office, much less run for the HIGHEST office of the land. Or how do you explain Michelle LaVaughn Robinson from South Side Chicago, daughter of blue collar workers, who ends up as the First Lady in the same house that was built by slaves? Yeah. Impossible is nothing.

It's the end of the most beautiful, most profound, and most amazing era.

Here is to President Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of these United States!

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