Friday Reflections

1.) This video of doctors reviving a baby born in Syria during a bombing. Let's just say I bawled my eyes off.

2.) Also these romantic videos featuring some Nigerian celebrities and their spouses are the cutest. Err I did not cry for these, but it was really fun to watch.

3.) I'm so exhausted...I can barely keep my eyes open.

4.) The older I get, the more I learn how inconsiderate and selfish some people really are.

5.) Okay, why are Nigerians so nosy? The only excuse for going through someone else's phone is if the person agrees to it or knows about it or something or the person is your romantic partner, that sort of thing. Otherwise, no. It's not cute. Don't do it.

6.) Y'all...America. Enough said. Lmao

7.) Guard your heart.

8.) There is no one sided friendship; it's either mutual or nothing.

Peace and Love, folks.


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