Friday Reflections

1.) Everyone knows I love Shonda. I've said it before; if she's selling shit, I will buy. Therefore, seeing this post by Luvvie reinforced my love for her. Shonda had no reason to support and mentor Luvvie the way she did, and yet she lifted her up and helped her career soar.

2.) Indeed women do support each other. #Blackgirlmagic

3.) The weather today was scary. Gotta be a kind of record high.

4.) You guys, the president of the free world banned certain media from a press briefing. Is this the end-times or nah? It's like a nightmare.

5.) Still. Rejoice always.

6.) I will be still and know he is God.

7.) Women actually like to compete—against themselves.

8.) Have I said how creepy Criminal Minds is? It's not news but there are psychopaths in this life. Yes, I'm already praying for my unborn kids, niece(s), and nephew(s). Shudders.

9.) It's finally almost March.

Have a fabulous weekend, drama-free and all round delightful.



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