On Veering Off and Time Wasting

Hey people!
This is my first attempt at keeping up with my self-given blog schedule for this year.

*throws confetti* yayy!

Okay so, I'm sitting here, done for the day, and instead of heading home after a really long week; I'm waiting for a meeting that doesn't begin till about two hours time. To put things in context...it's 6:20PM and the meeting is by...

I have just decided to not include the time of the meeting, so as not to give too much away. This is after all, the internet and anyone could stumble on this. Considering what I'm about to write, it would not be a good idea if the folks I'm writing about to see this.

Moving on.

So I'm sitting and wondering; why on earth did I sign up for this? Why did I commit to/join this organization/group, considering everything that is going on in my life and all that I have to do? You know what's worse? This thing has no value and adds none whatsoever to my life. It's ridiculous that I would add any more feather(s) to my hat. I'm having a blinding headache and I'm also really starving, so I'm like double pissed. Because not only does it add no value to my life, it is currently decreasing mine. I really could have been productive in some other ways, or at least be laying on my bed, waiting for #TGIT. So this brings us back to the number one question, WHY on God's earth did I commit to this in the first place? More so knowing myself: I would never quit halfway. Once I start something, I like to see it through. It would take a very STRONG conviction for me to stop something halfway. Now, this is not particularly a virtue. It's just as much of a weakness as it is a strength. Doggedness is good...but it can also be stupidity. I'm convinced the latter is currently my case.
It was soooo cold and windy today :-(

The simple answer to the number one question is: I thought I could had some value, or some utility by committing to it. But the reality is that I'm not sure I can. Or perhaps, I can and I actually have, but at what cost?

My health? My sanity? My peace of mind?

Hold on. Before you judge or while you are judging me for my stupidity (and you should); ask yourself, how many times have you been so darn extra? How many times do we join or commit to things that have no bearing to our purpose or journey in life? Or things that are just plain pains in the behind? And yes even if you get paid for it, (which I'm totally not for the case in point) it can still be an absolute waste of time. How many times do we just veer off on to someplace or somewhere that is absolutely redundant, but we persist in it anyway.

I don't like this commitment.  It's decreasing my productivity. But yet I am persisting in it. Well, I'm now thinking about leaving. If for nothing, for my sanity.

So this is for you as well as it's for me: we need to be more purposeful in life. To be wise and prudent and, to learn to say no. Hard-work is not always smart work.

Have a great weekend, and [virtually] see you tomorrow!



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