Finding Your Calm in the Midst of Confusion

"As bipolar as the weather."

That ought to be a new saying. It was spring last week, and dead-cold winter today. 😑

Last week...I knew the weather was too good to be true. I was right.

God taught me a huge lesson today about serving and embracing my place. I don't feel like sharing the details. But basically I learnt to not take failure too personally. If I'm assuming all the shame that comes with failure, that means I would want to take all the glory that comes with success too. When in fact God has all the glory. Get it? So that's that.

We are not hear for that today though even though I feel it should be a constant reminder. We are here to remember God's faithfulness through the foray against the Israelites in Exodus 14. Before I continue; I feel like I should always preface my posts with: "I am NOT an expert on these things." I know I want others to read this, but more than anything I want me to read too.

A little context and background for Exodus 14: after lots of persuasion by Moses, Pharaoh finally allowed the Israelites to leave Egypt. If I remember correctly, they weren't just allowed to leave, they also received parting gifts from the Egyptians. In secondary school, we called such gifts forget me not. Geez those things were usually junk haha. I digress. Just as the Israelites left though, God in his unpredictably wise ways instructed Moses to order them to camp in a strange place.


Really God? Why should we detour? This is NOT the route to the promise land. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Pharaoh would think we are confused. I imagine them screaming.

But that was exactly his plan: for Pharaoh to think they were trapped and confused.

uh oh. Or as they say on Twitter, TRIGGERED.

Why would confusion be a part of God's plan? You mean to tell me that when my life sometimes seemed so disjointed that I thought I was inadequate, it really could have been part of God's plan?! Indeed our lives can take the most confusing form sometimes; they may trigger so many puzzling questions in us and yet it could be all part of God's plan to display His glory. I hear you say:

well, if he told me of said plan, maybe I wouldn't have to worry so much and ask all those questions.

Err...he DID tell Moses his plan, and yet when the army of Pharaoh came closing in, they started to wail:

"Why did you bring us out here to die in the wilderness? Weren't there enough graves for us in Egypt? What have you done to us?"


...and complained.

They would rather be slaves and settle in what was comfortable...what was familiar...what was convenient...because they were afraid.

If this feels like I'm talking to you, it's because I am 😑

"The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm." -  Exodus 14:14

You know what happens next after Moses sang kumbaya to comfort the Israelites and get them off his behind? God was like: errr why you whining? Get off your behinds and start moving. I'm not even kidding, that's what He said. Go ahead and confirm it in Exodus 14:15.

We must always pray, but sometimes we have to act. Calm doesn't mean inaction. It can mean stealth. It mostly means unbothered. But it never spells inaction. Be still enough to let God work through you, but sometimes (MOST times) he already answered that prayer, but we are too paralyzed with fear to take action.

I learnt my own lesson today (totally unrelated to this), so it's time for you to learn yours: if you feel trapped, it's probably part of the plan; and Calm never means inaction.

Go on and flourish!



P.S: Blogging/writing/creating is soooooo therapeutic and amazing, I can't believe I consider shutting off this blog sometimes!

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