Friday Reflections

1.) It's March, baby!!!

2.)  I sometimes feel like wigs were created to destroy our natural hair so that we can then rely only on wigs.

3.) Learning and re-learning to say no.

4.) Lord, this tearjerking article about a dying woman composing a dating profile for her husband. What a beautiful union and friendship she has had so far with the man? Amazing article.

5.) The prayer of the righteous is powerful and has wonderful effects.

6.)  I can't really say how well I'm doing on my goals for the year. It's hard sometimes, but I've got this :)

7.) It's my birthday on Tuesday!! See number 1. I'm not big on birthdays, but I'm pretty excited and thankful for my life. More so, it's a stark contrast with where I was last year. Whew. Thank Jesus.

8.) Pride really does come before a fall. Really.

9.) I need a break.

10.) It's gonna be a cold weekend :-( :-)


Be fabulous,


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