Friday Reflections

1.) God is really rooting for me.

2.) Sometimes I worry that I don’t deserve the amount of grace bestowed on me and God reminds me that: “duh, that’s literally the essence of grace”.

3.) Fitness trackers can be really obsessive; they make you just wanna walk everywhere haha.

4.) People and their faux-anger; constantly finding something to be angry at.

5.) Chimamanda said what she said and will stand by it; it's why I love her.

6.) Not only are people obsessed with acceptance, they don't want to listen to dissenting opinions. it's ridiculous.

7.) I actually agree with Chimamanda by the way.

8.) I hate to be the person who talks about weather every time, but errr it was legit 70 degrees yesterday and 20 today.

9.) I don't get how you can trust someone to take a front row seat at your wedding by making them a part of the bridal party, but somehow you don't trust them enough to tell them you just welcomed a child? This culture of secrecy baffles me.

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