Friday Reflections

1.) Impostor syndrome sometimes rears its ugly head. I do however, feel blessed to be doing life with great people. My friend sent a very supportive and touching email to me today; it was very uplifting and encouraging.

2.) Ugh Tyrese...ugh. Just UGH.

3.) I just can't

4.) You know what gals? It matters how your partner treated the women he dated before you. He really does.

5.) Masking misogyny with faux-deep crap

6.) Jesus Christ, are these people about to take us to a nuclear war?

7.) Really I can't.

8.) Perhaps it's time to become a doomsday prepper??

9.) Yara Shahidi is what we call #Goals. Yeah she is pretty young, but goodness; poise, grace, intelligence, eloquence...aka Black Girl Magic.

10.) Meanwhile, I just watched the last episode of Scandal 😱😳

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