The Believers Tag (Christian Journey Tag)

How you doin' *In Wendy Williams' voice*

Okay so I found this tag on YouTube by Tosin Alabi, and she encouraged everyone to try it. I thought well I don't do videos, and then she tagged even bloggers as well. So here I am doing this, because honestly I need a break and/or distraction from work right now. And what better way than to blog?

1.) When did you give your life to Christ?
Uhm...okay so I grew up in a Christian home and we always went to church on Sundays. So I knew about God already and knew to pray in times of trouble. I officially decided to go all in, I think in 2007, the last year of secondary school. But you know, I was still really young at the time. So while I made the conscious decision then, it did take a long time to actually start living it out.

2.)  How did your family receive your conversion?
Well, members of my family are Christians too, so it wasn't a huge departure from what was familiar I think. I also think it matters to my family what my values are and how I live my life. So...good, I'm guessing.

3.) When is your favorite time to fellowship with God?
Hmm, in the morning. Not for anything in particular except I mostly have my quiet time in the morning, so it's my favorite time.

4.) How often do you pray?
Not as often as I'd like. At the very least, twice a day I think. But prayer isn't always about performance; it's communication in many different forms. So I would say I don't actually count.

5.)What is your favorite book/books of the bible?
The pentateuch because while they can be really dense, they teach me a lot about leadership. The books of the Gospel, because they really help with knowing who God/Jesus is. And of course the letters (Corinthians, Ephesians, Philippians etc.); they give practical, realistic tips on how to live.

6.) What church do you attend?
Citizen Heights, baby! #Possibleawaits

7.) How would you describe your relationship with God?
Wow this is huge. It really is still evolving. And every day it's clearer. I would say: a kindhearted, extremely loving father and companion.

8.) What challenge/challenges have you faced on your walk with God?
The biggest challenge I face, which is also about the most important tool in a relationship with God, is trust. Not necessarily trust in his ability; but trust in him wanting to "be" for me. In other words, it's me not Him haha. Also there are certain virtues I find hard to embody, you know. But I'm constantly learning about grace and growing.

9.)What are your spiritual goals?
Definitely to grow in my knowledge of God and His will. Also to grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding.

10.) Advice for a new convert.
Well, you've done what's most important: accepting Christ. But allow for some mystery; you can't understand it all or know it all. There is a mystery to life that only God understands, and that's okay. You should also try to study the word; it doesn't matter if you don't understand much of it at first, just keep reading (see above Books of the Bible for inspiration). When people don't understand your new found faith, don't spend all your energy trying to convince or explain to people. Do what you can and then ignore. If it feels like the journey is too overwhelming, listen to preachers (TD Jakes, Christine Caine, Priscilla Shirer, Joseph Prince) on YouTube, read blogs etc. You will be fine.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed it? And of course, if you're reading, you are tagged!



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