Friday Reflections

1.) I have lots of goodies today. Shall we?

2.) Scandal was popping last night. It was easily the best episode in all six seasons

3.) This essay on how TEEN VOGUE editor-in-chief and her fiancé met: ALL THE FEELS. Also easily the most enjoyable love story I ever read.

4.) Okay this is a very close second. AND it was a tight race too. May we all find and be truly happy with our carrots.

5.) Her father got out of prison after 30 years; their reunion is a lesson on communication and love.

6.) Soooooooo Jesse Williams, huh? What are we going to do with him? Despite the fury on Twitter and everywhere else, I'm surprisingly indifferent.

 7.) I hope it's all a rumor and if it isn't, I really pray that men learn how to do better by black women. I'll be honest; if it's true, it's disappointing. Very.

8.) I heard another Nollywood actress's marriage bites the dust today. I also asked my brother today: do you think women are genuinely scared of leaving their physically [and emotionally] abusive husbands because well, we have all seen how quickly domestic violence escalates into murder when the woman dares leave? Or is it because they are genuinely embarrassed to have chosen so poorly and would do anything to save face?

9.) Number 8 was way too long for a FR post.

10.) I don't think I ever talked about how the show Bones ended (Yes! Series finale) on the blog, and I will. I already miss the show.

11.) Re my blog: I'm constantly torn between I want people to read my blog and I feel so exposed giving people front row seats to my thoughts via my blog. I constantly debate quitting blogging altogether. But it has the strings to my heart, so I find my way back. Mostly.



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