Moved With Compassion

I remember thinking recently: "God is kindhearted." I actually first read that somewhere, I can't remember where anymore. But it was so deep to realize that God is actually kind. So when today in church, my pastor kept reiterating how compassionate God truly is, it meant two things to me. The first has to do with the aforementioned kindheartedness of God. The second has to do with me and maybe you.

He was moved with compassion

The Bible says, over and over again about Christ. When he saw crowds confused and helpless, he was moved with compassion (Matthew 9:36). The MSG version says, His heart broke. When He saw the widow whose only son had just died, He was overflowed with compassion. When He saw the two blind men? You guessed right...He was full of compassion. The other time when crowds had been with him for days, without food, He felt compassion. When He sees us anxious, worried, heartbroken, He has compassion. Because He cares about us. Which is why He charged us to come to Him when heavy laden, so He can give us rest. That's who He is. I think that resting in assurance of this intrinsic characteristic of God is paramount to a journey with him or even just to get through life. To know that, when you mourn, lose, fail, he cares and understand, can get you through whatever it is/

But the focus was really on us today in church. How it's part of our mission to be more compassionate. Or in my pastor's terms, "compassionated". You know, like caffeinated lol. Such that compassion is our default mode. Not vengeance; not retribution; not piety. You know how you see someone or a situation and the first thing you think is, "well well...he did deserve it." Hahaha I'm super guilty of this. So yeah, no. We need to unlearn that and learn to be inherently compassionate. More so especially since that's who God is.  Capisce?

So yeah.

I can't believe it's May; well technically it's still April, albeit one more hour to May (on my end). Time does fly. But hey we already knew this. Also,  I don't want to be the person who talks about weather all the time, but this weekend was so HOT. Whew. Seasons come, and go indeed.

Have a blessed May. I know I will.



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