Friday Reflections

1.) The last two episodes of Law and Order SVU pretty much ripped their plots from headlines, I mean with a good spin on them though. Only if life imitated art and *cough cough* and people suffered consequences for sexual harassment their actions.

2.) Queen of Katwe!! Wonderful performance by Lupita Nyongo'o and David Oyelowo.

3.) Sally Yates for all the  brilliant women who have had to stand before incompetent, misogynistic bullies, who think they can intimidate women. Hers is a lesson: be prepared and know your shit.

4.) Sometimes I'm working or sleeping or in a serious situation, then I remember ajeku iya loje and burst into raucous laughter. Then I pause and wonder who Nigeria offended to get the leadership we currently have.

5.) Nevertheless, she persisted.

6.) I honestly believe if someone's nudes are leaked and you actually view it, you are part of the problem :-)

7.) "Fear based repentance makes us hate ourselves, Jesus-based repentance makes us love ourselves." - Michael Giroux

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