Friday Reflections

1.) Priscilla Chan took every single science class offered in high school, and when she ran out of classes to take, she created a cancer Biology class. Woah.

2.) See her husband's commencement speech at Harvard yesterday on helping others find their purpose.

3.) They are really inspiring. I love how they challenge each other and grow together. Fave.

4.) If panting could be felt easily through words, you'd hear my heart thumping against my chest right now and me breathing through my mouth. I just completed this workout.

5.) Whew

6.) I'm super thankful for life and for grace and for favor.

7.) Pray boldly.

8.) Match making is as awkward as you think it is. No, it's more awkward. It's not that in itself it's a terrible idea; no the problem is doing it without even bothering to figure out the "type" for the person(s) you are matchmaking.

9.) Anyway, it's memorial day weekend.

Have a great one!

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