Friday Reflections

1.) This is what happens when you reply spam emails.

2.) I'm doing this thing where I watch ridiculously old movies, because...late bloomer. Forrest Gump was good...but it was no Shawshank Redemption, just saying.

3.) Million Dollar Baby was just depressingly fabulous. I cried my eyes out but it truly was a masterpiece.

4.) See this insanely touching photos of dads in the delivery room to bright up your day :)

5.) I think I've shared this before but it's worth repeating: my dilemma with blogging is that while I want to share my thoughts/writings/ramblings with the "world", I'm also always slightly nervous about sharing my [private] thoughts; it makes me feel so...vulnerable. It's why I pause with the whole blogging thing a lot and don't blog as much.

6.) Anon blog, perhaps? Nah. I'm too big on identity to be anon.

7.) A man that cheats on/mistreats his wife while she is having miscarriages and stillborns is not a man; or how do I put this delicately? Such a man is closer to an animal than to a real man; it doesn't matter how much billions he makes.

8.) If it takes you more than ten years and the birth of your baby to grow up, jeez you were never the real deal.

9.) Women, keep these dudes ACCOUNTABLE please.

10.) Just give it 7 seconds.

11.)  Old, but still necessary. Why Trump made (makes?) Aziz Ansari scared for his family.

12.) "Everything ISN'T found in men; EVERYTHING is found in God...Remind yourself that Jesus is the only one that can save you." - Jackie Hill Perry

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