Friday Reflections

1.) Black lives matter.

2.) Jumoke Adenowo is...unapologetic. She's full of wisdom and she's incredibly smart and is unapologetic about it

3.) "Life doesn't respond to breakthroughs and miracles, it responds to principles." - Jumoke Adenowo

4.) "That hair — as strong as the blackness that runs through our veins — refuses to stand down. It is not good hair. It’s our hair. And that is pretty damn beautiful." - Ijeoma Oluo in I Was Supposed to Have Good Hair.

5.) As I read through Lysa Terkeurst's story of her husband's continuous infidelity and betrayal, I'm thankful that Christians and the Church generally are rethinking this whole "God hates divorce" philosophy. I pray she finds healing and comfort in the coming days.

6.) Bill Cosby is NOT Cliff Huxtable

7.) I'm recovering (praise Jesus) from the worst case of what I think was lactose intolerance, and I'm really sad I might have to step away from Haagen dazs for a while. I don't even know anymore; I mean, what is this life? Ugh

8.) Haayyyy, June is practically almost over.

9.) Every time I watch an episode of King Women, I'm convinced it's the best one, and then I watch another. Seriously though, this one with Ayodeji Megbope is the best, cos there is no way anyone tops this; no way. Serious living case of "Kings will see your glory".

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