Friday Reflections

1.)  "Incompetence dressed up as strategy is still incompetence." Preach, Chimamanda. Preach.

2.) This old article/profile on Marilyn Mosby, the prosecutor for the Freddie Gray case as a reminder that sometimes one can get into politics with the best intentions and still muddle everything up.
Indeed, not just politics; anything really. I'm just quite sorry she lost more than the case.

3.) Oh boy, the King Women series by Kemi Adetiba. I had heard quite a lot about it. However, if there is anything about the internet and my generation, it's the hype of everything. So I took it with a grain of salt. I did however watch the Remi Fagbohun episode. Pretty stellar. I will definitely watch the old ones as well.

4.) Comey hearing aka political Super Bowl. If you ask me, it was a little bit underwhelming. Not because Comey didn't have the tea, but because those folks representing us are a little bit spineless and will take no action no matter what he testified. Ahmean, what's up with Grandpa McCain?!

5.) Seriously, the same way there is an age requirement before you can run for these offices, there really should be age limits too. The law of diminishing returns starts to manifest for many people once they approach 80.

6.) Have you heard of #Olowogbogboro? So God is using Nathaniel Bassey to stir up a revival and passion for Him among young people on the internet. I had been seeing it all around and was curious. Till M and S told me about it: a one hour praise and prayer event live on Instagram. It was, as we say on Twitter, LIT.

7.) I’m not even sure which was more exciting: getting together to praise God or seeing so many young people be so passionate about praising God. Yes, Christ trended #Olowogbogboro

8.) It just occurred to me that we are about halfway through the year. God help us.

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