Friday Reflections

1.) Person of Interest is pretty dope. I mean by the time I realized it was sci-fi I was pretty sucked in already.

2.) If you are looking for a carefree, black, and uber (pun intended) successful chick, look no further than Badass Boz.

3.) Let it be known that as long as that chick is at Uber, I am NOT boycotting Uber. Yeah, I stan for my sistahs like that.

4.) Mehn I really want to like "Insecure", because again I stan for my sistahs. But the random sex with girls you met at the grocery store checkout; or desperately looking for sex so much, you practically forced your neighbor for sex; the THIRST...I really don't know anymore.

5.) "When Jesus stood on the side of justice, turning over tables- would you have said both sides are wrong?" - Austin Channing Brown

6.) What if the Western media covered Charlottesville the same way it covers other nations (particularly African nations)?

7.) Oprah Winfrey is on a roll, again.

8.) Can you love God AND trap music?

9.) This family learned to mourn their brother/son's death in their father's house.

10.) The last days of summer is seriously making me jittery/nervous/anxious.

11.) I have always thought it was possible to have a black friend, be married to  a black person, heck even have a black kid and still be racist. Anyway, read how donald ruined this dude's relationship with his mother.

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