Friday Reflections

1.) This  story on how Kelly Marie Tran used her salary from the Star Wars film to pay off her student loans actually brought tears to my eyes.

2.) I am extremely committed to getting my acts together financially this year; like, the adult way. I want to be financially smart and think in long term, and then somehow, very randomly, I stumbled on The Financial Diet on the very first day of the year. No kidding.

3.) Check out their YouTube page with a boat load of content. See for example, this video on bad (BUT extremely common) career advice you should run from. Or this on eleven things she cut from her budget and doesn't miss.

4.) I know I don't like money talk and stuff, but now I'm getting some inspiration to talk about my relationship with money. Hmmmn

4.) Resolutions are not entirely bad, and saying you hate resolutions but then going further to list your goals for the year is somewhat counterintuitive. Stop being cynical.

5.) What you should however not do is to have vague goals/ambitions/resolutions: a la I will live  a healthier lifestyle/lose 50 pounds this year. NO. Instead say [for instance], I will exercise everyday this year. I will make healthy food choices this year, like stay off xyz.

6.) Sorry, there is nothing magical about breakfast. As someone who has gone years (decades, even) without breakfast, that makes me chuckle.

7.) Okay one more thing from TFD: 6 dumb quotes you should never listen to.

8.) It's so inspiring to see this kind of positive news about black boys in the news.

9.) Watch Ray Romano get a date for his son on T.V. Hahahaha. The son was clearly embarrassed, but I swear, it was hilarious.

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