An Engagement and My Mile High Pet Peeves

On to today's gist.

I recently made the shortest trip ever to witness one of my oldest friends get engaged. By oldest, I don't mean age; I mean one of the people I've known the longest.

our other friend and I actually did this! 

Now, unlike literally every other millennial out there, I, daughter of my esteemed parents and the most high God, do NOT like traveling. It disrupts my normal. My body fights it. I'm not able to eat and so much is outside my control. The only other thing I dislike more than traveling is flying. And the only think I dislike more than flying is flying on teeny weeny planes. I traveled to Toronto in Canada, which I jokingly refer to as a local flight because the flight is less than an hour. This meant it was a teeny weeny plane.

Anyway, while my reasons for disliking flying vary (such as my trust issues) one of the major reasons is you—yes, you human beings. Homo sapiens. Co-travelers. People suck. Sorry ha. My most recent trip was the perfect reminder that there are all kinds of people on a plane. Let's do a run down shall we?

The stubborn ones:
These stubborn people are the ones who just choose to disobey simple instructions. They break lines; they want to board before their group boards. And they extend this nonsensical behavior to the plane. Why can't you JUST TURN YOUR PHONE OFF when asked to? Why must you wait for the air hostesses to come over to specially remind you? So those two seconds can't be forfeited huh? The woman beside me was telling someone how much she loved them. I was thinking dude, this plane will land before my sister returns to her room from her kitchen (my sister's joke about my trip haha). So put off the darn phone and let's take off. Or the ones that defy the seatbelt sign. UGH. I don't think she eventually turned off her phone till we took off. You think you are cool; no, you are silly.

the city from above, just as we were landing

First time travelers:
Bless all of our souls, because we were all first time travelers at some point. No one was born with travel experience. But not everyone was an annoying first time traveler. We all hate turbulence. What we don't like is when first time travelers scream about how it's their first time flying and don't want to die. And they wail and scream and make the entire turbulence worse. I'm not going to act brand new and pretend the turbulence on my way back wasn't unnerving, it totally was. But man, close your eyes and pray to God or something. Please don't yell and cry and scream. Thank you.

Kids (not toddlers here; I mean teenagers):
These ones are just point blank obnoxious.  On my way to Toronto, a bunch of kids (about 4 of them or so) sat behind me. From the beginning of the one hour and twenty minutes journey till the end, they did not shut up for one second. They were literally screaming in the name of having conversations. They were incredibly chatty and it was the most inconvenient since I was trying to work. At some point, I felt like turning back and sealing their lips shut with scotch tape. But I did not.

Selfish people:
Who are we kidding? All of the above are a subset of this one. And I feel like this just encapsulates everything. Selfish people are obnoxious; they take your seat; take all of the overhead space; push their seats so backwards, it hurts your legs; spill things all over; yell for no reason either at co-passengers or over the phone. They are selfish.

Despite all these, flying is truly amazing. Honestly. Yeah it sucks but its just such a huge reminder that God is awesome. I mean those clouds😍

And the speed with which a plane moves? Only God could have blessed us (human beings) with the aptitude and wisdom to create such a thing.

All that being said, congrats M! I can't believe it. Little us from Emotan dorm 12 (in QC!) are now grown enough to get married and/or start families. God is good.



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