Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating On The Same Screen Is What Dreams Are Made Of

I was going to blog about something else, but LET ME TELL Y'ALL...Shonda Rhimes is a genius. Tonight featured a TGIT crossover. If you don't know what TGIT is...sigh, get in the game, please. Thank God it's Thursday is pretty much a slogan to represent the collection of Shonda shows on abc every Thursday evening. So from 8pm to 11pm it's all Shonda's shows: Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder (HGAWM). Tonight, there was a crossover between Scandal and HTGAWM. And it was freaking brilliant. I can't even begin to describe. Now of those shows, Grey's is my gig. The others I like, because hey I like Shonda. But my real jam was always Grey's. HTGAWM has been real great too more recently, but tonight was off da hook.

Seeing Viola Davis and Kerry Washington on my TV was the perfect way to end black history month and begin women's history month. It was so much magic...it truly was beautiful. And Viola Davis sure needs another Emmy. There is something about her, and the way she commands the screen. She represents excellence. You see her act, and you know she TRAINED for this and is highly educated. Julliard, baby!

Upon writing this, I realized it would be hard to tell this story without spoilers. So just stop here if spoilers affect you.

Are you gone? Okay now let's go.

Let's start with the dialogue. It was poignant, it was brilliant, and it was well delivered. They tackled criminal justice reform and Annalise Keating had to go before the supreme court, and that scene was just...breathtaking. To see someone like that, so broken, so damaged; AnnaMae, the little black girl from Memphis find her way from sexual assault, the loss of a child, alcoholism, joblessness, jail...to arguing a case before the Supreme Court. There was something about it. Something very American: that you really can be anything in this country. Yet, it stood in stark contrast with the systemic racism and inequality that has plagued this country from the beginning. The kind of racism that makes a select few profit off the criminalization of black men. The kind of unfairness that makes black women the backbone of this great country: constantly taking care of everyone else but themselves.

The scene with Annalise's mother (the almighty Cicely Tyson) and Olivia Pope was especially emotional. But even more, was Annalise's parents watching her do her thang in the Supreme Court. I also especially loved that they sort of modeled the justices after the real life Supreme Court Justices. In my mind, I sighted Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Hehe.

My sister and I, as we were watching haha
I think what I loved the most was how deliberate the writers were in ensuring it was not just an entertaining crossover, but a thought-provoking one; how thoughtful and sensitive they were to the plight of young men and women who were not given a right to fair trial which they deserved as citizens of America; those poor folks who have been victims of America's broken justice system.

"Racism is built into the DNA of America" - Annalise Keating.

Whew, I am still reeling from that speech Keating gave. She better get another Emmy. She better.

And of course, as with real life, when two powerful, strong people have to work together, there is often some friction at least. Same for Pope and Keating, but the way they read each other for filth was the best. I mean, one second it was two black women in the salon fixing their hair, the next they were throwing serious SHADE. ha. In fact, Megabus is trending on Twitter now LOL.

"...You hauled your broke ass up here on the Megabus." damn girlllll.

And for those who always angry when entertainment infuses/mixes with politics, chill! That's really not a new thing. Historically, the arts have always been political. Not to mention, the arts reflect our lives and should be a demonstration and representation of real life. Best believe if I had to write a T.V show, I would write one about injustice, about inequality, and about unfairness as well. I'm definitely gonna rewatch it.

Love. Love. Love.

Watch it!!! Even if you don't follow TGIT. Just watch tonight's episodes. You will not regret it.

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