Friday Reflections

1.) Behold, another article/interview of Ellen Pompeo on how to own your shit.

2.) The Emir of Kano (and former Central Bank Governor) on being a modernist (and traditionalist), a polygamist, and Nigeria's governance

3.) If someone told me that I would learn one of the greatest lessons in faith on Grey's Anatomy, I would have said, not possible! But it happened, season 14 episode 17 did it; it taught me so much about faith. So darn much.

4.) I think the thing that has been consistent in Grey's is its theme that "no matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise again."

5.) And gosh April Kepner, as played by Sarah Drew is a brilliant character. I should write one of these for that character especially since Drew is leaving.

6.) This Meek Mill's situation is quite sad.

7.) Lol. I have had this list for so long  (without posting), that Meek Mill has now been released from prison. ha.

8.) What fullness is...on getting weight reduction surgery. The struggle, Lord Jesus. Can I just say this is why it's sometimes insensitive to comment on people's weight or other things like skin issues, you never know what the person is going through.

9.) This old post with interview of eye witnesses reminiscing (one year later) about the 2017 Oscar night fiasco, where La La Land was announced as the winner instead of Moonlight. Two things: first, people in Hollywood are very, very self-absorbed. Granted, it was an awkward night, but reading that article you'd think a war broke out that day or someone died. Gosh.

10.) Second, that's what happens when people like the Pwc accountant are more about all the hype than the job. And there are people like that in EVERY field: they care more about making lots of empty noises on social media about their jobs that actually doing their jobs or working. It irritates me.

11.) Speaking of the job over the hype, check out this badass woman building technology for women's health issues. I just love when people who are actually changing the world are doing it so quietly without all the hype or plenty noise or without an over-bloated ego.

12.) This article on 6 things the author thought she would do before 30, but definitely won't is quite satisfying and honestly, freeing. I especially love the points on diet and buying a house.


I forgot I had a blog. No, really, I forgot. Too much is happening: good and bad, and that's life and now I don't even worry as much about these things. But two things reminded me of my blog today. One was just my need and want for bringing out the creative side in me. I miss when I could call myself a writer or someone who wrote. Anyway, so as summer draws near (summer is actually here, cos we basically skipped spring and dove right into summer with what the weather is saying out), I want to be more creative: which basically, for me means writing! So I want to write more, which means blog more. Yay.

Second, I shared a song on IG stories today. My brother usually sends us (my sister and I) gentle reminders in form of various things to remind us of God's love, when we complain about all of our first world problems and how life (and people *ahem*) has been cruel to us. One of such things was a song and it became especially important  and apt yesterday as I recovered from all the overwhelming emotions of a significant part of my professional life (an exam I took). Relief. Fear. Anxiety. Joy. Angst. Regret. Hope. Everything in full force. But then I remembered this song! I was like I gotta share this: this can help others out there so I shared on IG stories, but that's rather temporary so I remembered my blog and here we are.

Before I continue, here is part one, part two, and somewhat of a part two point five of this playlist. Okay so the song is "While I'm Waiting" by Travis Greene. What a beautiful song, huh?!

While I'm waiting
I'm getting stronger
My faith is rising
And I will run on
While I'm waiting
I'm lifting up on wings as Eagles
I believe, I will trust in you.

What my eyes can't see
oh..I still believe
Everything that was spoken to me
There is no word that will come back void
I will trust the report of the Lord
God is not a man that he should lie
Every need he will supply
I will wait, I will not be moved

Waiting is hard for anyone. But you can wait and panic, or you can wait and NOT be moved. The latter option also comes with a lot of peace of mind. Meanwhile, it's truly best to think back and reflect on how God has come through for you in the past. Tried and tested method to keep faith. Because truly, for me it's often in my weakness that he shows his strength. Also my bible study/small group met yesterday and I think it was my best meetings yet. It was truly a good reminder of why God doesn't want us doing life/Christianity alone. There is something beautiful about being together and sharing life's struggles with people who love God and love you. It was quite an awesome meeting of strong, smart women who love God and life. I'm so glad I dragged myself out of bed and to yesterday's meeting. I was really fulfilled and encouraged. So yeah, beyond church, find a small group to meet with!!!

That's it. Happy to be back (or not). I do have some things typed out that I could publish if I feel like haha. Otherwise, here's to a blessed May!