On Baseball and Our Differences

I went to a baseball game weeks ago. And it was literally the most boring event I have ever gone to [in my entire life]. I can't even begin to describe how uninterested I was. But I went, and I even took pictures. So here are pictures for your entertainment. I can't believe anyone enjoys baseball. What?! Yet, people were cheering and clapping and making noise. At some point, I looked at the players and thought, how can this be your life? Like, you get to do something so boring for a living; day in day out. And immediately, I realized they could say the exact same thing about me and what I do. I mean, what I do is NOT boring [to me]: on the contrary, it's challenging, invigorating, and usually very interesting. But to others with absolutely no interest or understanding of my work, it would probably be the most boring thing in the world. And that's just life and human beings: so different, yet so alike in many ways.

Okay picture time.



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