Happy Thanksgiving Plus Meet Patricia

Y'all, Happy Thanksgiving!

My family entrusted the turkey to me, and not to humble brag but it turned out pretty dope; especially in pictures. I mean I almost got frost bite from defrosting the 14 pound bird, and I have a big gash on my finger from a cut, but turkey was delicious so it was all worth it. So I brought pictures. After pictures more words to be said below. But enjoy. This is not a food blog so let's not bother with a recipe? But if you see this, and love it, email me and I will send a detailed and elaborate recipe to you. It has a Naija tweak to it (which means well spiced and delicious).

Look at that bad bird, huh? We named her Patricia. Poor thing. Anyway, moving on.

Not to bring down the mood, but a popular entertainer and OAP, the Voice of Lagos, Tosyn Bucknor passed away this week from complications of sickle cell. Now, of course I didn't know her personally, but it just hit me so hard. The worst part about death, like I posted on Instagram is how everyone just moves on with their life. Like someone just lost their sister, someone just lost their best friend, someone just lost their daughter, and yeah people posted and stuff, but then life carried on. In fact, some of her own friends went ahead to post about random things that same day after they had publicly posted their sadness about her death. But life had to continue, people had to work...you know? We are here one minute, and poof the next one. So, you are really on your own. So better live your best life (and I don't really like this phrase haha). But really, do your best to live your best life. Love hard. Laugh harder. And really, just chill. Try to be there for people you love.

Okay, that's it for the day. Sorry I didn't have a more inspiring post. My thanksgiving post last year was equal parts deep and thoughtful, so check that out. Happy thanksgiving again, guys! And if I never come back here before Christmas, well then, haha. Kidding. I probably will be. God willing.

Now let me go cradle my food baby while having a glass of wine.



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