Friday Reflections

1.) Last Friday Reflections of the year!

2.) "I am certainly not seen as a visionary, but I hope I'm seen as steady and prudent and able." - George Herbert Walker Bush

2.) Please read this, on the so-called millennial entitlement. Like, yeah right! The same generation that works hard like a dog, juggling two or three side hustles with a main job? getting more and more education? Yet saddled with debt, unable to own homes and marrying much later than other generations due to financial hardship? Get outta here, please.

3.) This story about how a devoted wife bludgeoned her husband to death is quite shocking and frankly, I'm surprised it took her so long considering the immense psychological, emotional, physical, and mental abuse she endured all those years.

4.) Michael B. Jordan will be king.

5.) 100 years of black hair

6.) "Why Love Actually is the worst movie." No really, that movie is trash, and dumping all those celebrities in it does not make it any less trash. I said what I said.

7.) Read about this single woman in her 30s tell you about how dating is the hardest part of being single. Lmao. Despite the humor in the article, it carries one reminder: no matter how single you are and no matter the age, YOU ARE FINE. Seriously.

8.) A follow up from the same writer about wanting to be boyfriend rich that reminds you that having a partner, nay, LIVING with a partner dramatically reduces the cost of rent. If that ain't true?! Imagine how much you'd save in rent and expenses if you were splitting the cost with someone?

9.) Remember when I said reading Money Diaries revealed to me how many girls are actually being bankrolled by their boyfriends, and thought, wow no wonder we are so far behind on the quest for gender equality. Yeah, I said it.

10.) When you are confused about your calling?

11.) Anyway, looking forward to a new year and maybe cranking out one final post for 2018. I feel like I wrote more in December than the entire year combined. This irony is not lost on me.

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