Merry Christmas Eve!

I always say I love Christmas and that it's my favorite holiday but I don't know why. And there has to be a why. Since there is no why, I'm beginning to think what is going on is I merely love the idea of Christmas.  I laugh at this because I once told my siblings that someone liked the idea of me and not necessarily me. I digress. Yes, so when I say idea of Christmas, I don't necessarily mean the underlying idea: the birth of Jesus, beginning of salvation et al (I mean, I do love that obviously). By idea, I think I mean, the joy, gift giving, laughter, family and friends time, and just the spirit of it all. Check out this Smith Family Christmas video for what I'm saying. There was so much joy in that video. I gotta say, no one personifies black man joy like Will Smith. And I love all that love radiating in that video too.

Now, if you don't have that, don't beat yourself up too much. I hear the holidays have the highest number of suicides and depression rates, which completely negates every BS I just said about the "idea of Christmas". I can really see how people would be sad during this period...especially the lonely. Since lonely encompasses varying kinds: maybe you're without family, or without romantic love, or just without cheer. It is fine too. Jesus came for all of us. Last Christmas, I mentioned that if you have a heavy heart, remember that Christ has overcome. It is still true. The one mistake people often make though, is to think the biological family is the only kind of family there is. That is not true. And even if there are no friends, the holiday is a season and like most things and every season, it will pass too and things will go back to normal. So try not to worry about that sadness that engulfs you too much. In the meantime, here are pictures from the National Zoo lights festival to cheer you up. The cheer comes from just how underwhelming the photos are, hahah. get the joke? I hope you do. Yeah, so this is me signing out and wishing you a Merry Christmas! In the meantime, I am about to go back after a long and quite frankly, peaceful break from social media, to feed off from the cheer of others as well and see how everyone is celebrating Christmas, before exing again. Social media is exhausting (let's talk more about this later).

Merry Christmas, for real.

I wish you all the joy and cheer of this season.



Now the photos:

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