Friday Reflections

1.) Love is not enough. If you're single, read that. If you are in a relationship, then definitely read that. If you're married, well I can't help you.

2.) Confessions of a bad feminist.

3.) "Any politician who is overfunding law and order, border security, and wars on terror—and underfunding medical research—is not keeping us safe." Read Dr. Kendi's essay on surviving and defeating metastatic, stage 4 colon cancer, years after his mother and wife survived breast cancer.

4.) Okay, if this is not the funniest thing you watched all week, let me know. Oprah and Gayle talk dating advice, phone passcodes, and spicing it up in the bedroom. I want moreeeee

5.) New year, new anxieties. I'm already tired, and it's just the 11th!

6.) Do it afraid.

7.) What are your new year resolutions? I think mine is just to be consistent. No big goals or anything. Just consistency.

8.) And oh, happy new year!

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