Friday Reflections

1.) You know how when we were little, they would tell us, "you can be anything you want to be"? Well, this homeboy took it quite literally. He is a NAVY SEAL, medical doctor, AND an astronaut. And he is just 34. Excuse me, while I go ponder about my life.

2.) Okay so I have talked the dangers of [sourcing] hair extensions on this blog before, but please watch this video/documentary to get a better perspective, and let's all salute Dan for committing to ethical business practices!

3.) The human insights missing from big data. Good stuff!

4.) Why low skilled workers will win in the robot revolution.

5.) So Loni Love recently started dating a white man, and people were like, "oh I thought Loni was pro black",  "oh I can't believe Loni is with a white man", which is a completely lame in my opinion. I mean no one likes black love more than me, but I don't get it; she is a forty something year old woman. If black men don't find her attractive or aren't interested in her, is she supposed to remain a spinster forever?

6.) Successful relationships are successful for the exact same reasons. It's lengthy, but really helpful.

7.) 100 people tell us their biggest regrets.

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