Friday Reflections

1.) Don't find a job, find a mission. This was brilliant.

2.) "Who are you really?" Find out more about the puzzle of personality here. This was very intriguing and it sorta confirmed that err...I am a textbook introvert but...that's not all I'm about. There is more to me than my introversion.

3.) How to have a good conversation.

4.) Read this chilling story about how a Game of Thrones' star suffered two life-threatening brain aneurysms in the early years of the show. Now, as a Grey's fans, I already knew aneurysms are never good, but to read about her scary recovery...whew. Happy she is well.

5.) Watch Chelsea Fagan pop off on a bunch of useless things tagged "healthy" that people waste their money on. If you have ever taken any of those detox teas, close your eyes in shame, and then listen to the first four minutes (at the very least) of this video.

6.) Fighting the scourge of "30 under 30" and other such ridiculous lists. You have to map out what success means to YOU and only YOU, not the world's version of success.

7.) I brought all of myself this week to all the important [work] places I had to be: blonde locs, teal nail polish...I was unapologetically me, and I'm still so proud of it. I first thought about making myself shrink and conforming since I do not like attention on me, but my mom and sister told me to do what I want not what I think others want. So I did the hair I wanted. And boy do I love it?

8.) One thing I really told myself, or felt like God impressed upon me through his word, this year was to "do it afraid". And that's precisely what I have been doing. Despite being really afraid and scared, I have approached most difficult, anxiety-inducing situations with confidence, a humble confidence, if you will. Doing it anyway.

9.) I have NOT forgotten about an update to the complaining challenge. I will get to it, this week was just a lot for so many reasons.

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