Friday Reflections

1.) As a Grey's fan, here are nine monologues by Miranda Bailey everyone needs to hear.

2.) Chimamanda's striking essay on Lagos.

3.) Why you will marry the wrong person.

4.) The Showrunner SHONDA RHIMES: First woman to create three hit shows with more than 100 episodes each.

5.) Why you will marry the wrong person. Lol marriage is such a gamble.

6.)  Chimamanda Adichie is such a profound human being. Check out her BRILLIANT commencement speech at Yale and then the one at American University.  No seriously, the one at Yale is really, really good.

7.) Be careful. Your dream job might in fact be  a nightmare.

8.) Three women on what following your dream looks like. ooooh another reason I alway say I don't have a dream job. Look, things are pretty attractive when you are only dreaming about them. The nitty gritty of anything can be very daunting. No matter how sexy or aspirational a thing is, it is still a JOB.

9.) "Follow your passion" is bad advice.

10.) Y'ALL. A white woman with no college degree turned herself to a savior, travelled to Uganda and has been practicing medicine on CHILDREN under the guise of an NGO. The caucasity yooooo. As in, practiced high level medicine on kids (some of whom have in fact died now)...I actually CAN NOT.

11.) Soooo except you're under the rock, you must have heard of the new Netflix series shedding some light on the Central Park jogger case and the five boys who were wrongly charged. Okay, now read this chilling article on the other women whose lives were forever changed because the actual perpetrator in the Central Park case was not arrested on time. The consequences of injustice reverberates, I tell ya.

12.) And goodness, NYC was something in the late 80s/early 90s. It's really hard to be a woman in this world, I say as I double check to make sure my door is securely locked. This world is too insecure.

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