Friday Reflections

1.) Happy New Year! When does it become too late to say this?

2.) I can't believe I'm back here so soon.

3.) "Your twenties is for firing dudes who don't act right." - Judge Lynn.  Preach! I will add, any age is a good age for firing stupid ass boys :).

4.) "Get a  large life so even if a dude does not end up in it you still enjoy it." I just discovered Judge Lynn through the video in number 3 and she is on fayaaa!

5.) How Vera's marriage ended. There is sooooo much packed in this post; so much lessons. I am so happy for Vera, I gotta say. Thank God for systems available to protect women, and we need champions for such systems to be created in developing countries too.

6.) Also, I am so happy Vera did not cower or bow to the shame and secrecy everyone expects Women to embody, so they can suffer in silence. NO MORE. EXPOSE SHAMELESS MEN. EXPOSE THEM.

7.) "It's okay for your plans to change—even  if you have had those plans for a long time." Sometimes we hold on to dreams just because we have had them for a long while.  Thirty things Dami learnt from 30.

8.) Everything on that list was actually profound no matter how straightforward they seemed. But something else from that list that needs to be louder for those at the back: "Just because you’re open about your life doesn’t make you a fool- there is nothing special about being secretive"

9.) That's it for today. Let's just collectively ignore the affairs of the world, and all the hormonal and overly emotional men at the helm of affairs. Yuck.


  1. I have to agree with all of your points but especially how our culture uses shame to imprison women in the most unhealthiest situations, even at the cost of their mental health and life. All that "what will they say?" has gotten a good number of women stuck in mental, physical and emotional hell. I hope #2020 will be a year of freedom for many.