Friday Reflections

1.) Long time no Friday Reflections

2.) I recently completed a 100-day streak on Duolingo. I'm so proud of myself. But it also reiterates one of my mottos: consistency over perfection.

3.) Have you read this on coping with anxiety during these interesting times?

4.) If you have, have you shared it with your friends and family? If you haven't, why though?

5.) I hate to be those aspire to perspire people that call themselves motivational speaker, but is there one tiny, insignificant thing you can do towards the progress of your career? Something, even if it's just adding some connection on LinkedIn and sending them a message.

6.) Also, rest people. Rest.

7.) Five truths to outlast the COVID-19 outbreak.

8.) If you are bored, check out some books to read. Also check out Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

9.) I recently started watching The Office on Netflix and it's HILARIOUS.

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