Why Words Matter; An Ode to Words

If you follow the blog on Instagram, you will see that there have been lots of posts to encourage us. We need it so much now. And as a words person, it occurred to me there is always a word for every occasion. Isn't that just beautiful? Anyway, I thought to share those words from Instagram here as well. The actual quote is powerful. But in addition to that, it is a reminder of the power of words when many things fail.  I hope you stay encouraged. No matter how grim everyday appears to be, I am still certain Sunday is coming. I hope you take solace in that fact.

I love words. Words are powerful. Words are beautiful. Words are endless. They can be wielded like weapons. And in most cases, you don't even have try too hard. It's why I use them so often, here on the blog and everywhere else. It is probably also why I write. Because whether it is in distress or in joy, words always bring comfort...if you let them. Today's words are a gentle reminder that no matter how overwhelming everything is right now, as human beings, we have an unbelievable capacity to survive. And we will.

Love ,


P.S: I promise to go back to regular programming with the blog henceforth. I know that while most people need comfort right now, many people are  also looking for an escape from anything COVID-19 related. It's truly hard to draw the balance between wanting to be encouraging but also wanting to go back to normal. But we shall try, right?

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