Friday Reflections

1.)  The powerful words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

2.)Sooo did you know the scientist leading the team developing a vaccine for COVID-19 at  NIH is a black woman who loves Jesus, trap music, & fixes weaves? She's literally saving the world. Black women have multidimensional.

3.) I'm in love! See number 2 above.

4.) It turns out COVID-19 is not the great equalizer we thought it was.

5.) Seventeen totally normal things to feel right now, according to therapists.

6.) Remember, Sunday is coming.

7.) Everyone wants us to return to normal. I don't want us to. Hear me out. I want COVID-19 gone. I want us outside again, but I want us to be better. To have empathy. To tailor our society to work for us, especially for the least among us. We have to do better. Status quo was not working.

8.) I want you to think about healthcare workers, grocery workers, truck drivers, law enforcement officers, and other essential workers as human beings and not heroes. They are human beings with dreams, aspirations, families, friends who love them and want them alive. So please STAY HOME. I feel like once y'all start saying "thanks hero",  they become superheroes to you and you might even see them as dispensable. No they are not. They just want to do their jobs and survive. Please STAY HOME.

9.) Aight, have a good weekend, whatever that means for you.

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