Friday Reflections

1.) Halos and welcome to another installment of Friday Reflections, people. It's a packed day today. Get your snack and get ready for the ride. 

2.) How will you measure your life? 

3.) Yoooo. White women.  This story of blatant racism and bigotry on the set of Heroes (the TV show) will make your blood boil, especially the serious implications it had  for Leonard Roberts' character. Meanwhile, throw Ali Carter away. I mean, such trash! 

4.) Congressman Jamie Raskin and his wife lost their beautiful son to suicide on the last day of 2020. They wrote about the amazing life of their son here

5.) Don't ask God for clarity? I certainly agree with aspects of that but hmmm, I don't see what's wrong with asking God for clarity.

6.) In the span of one week, Representative Jamie Raskin lost his son to suicide, survived the Capitol riot, and prepared articles of impeachment against President Trump.

7.) "'I called my wife and told her I love her I loved her': One Congressman's story from inside a Capitol under attack". 

8.) In case you were wondering where we go from here, I wrote about the insane events of last week here

9.) Accountability is core and extremely important to how we move forward. I love Forbes' model of holding the enablers and liars who contributed to ruining our democracy. 

10.) Pssst, if your new year resolution was to get abs, get in here. It turns out it might even be a little dangerous to have abs. Instead, focus on a wholesome and overall healthy lifestyle: move your body, eat vegetables (NOT lettuce, sweetie) with every meal, and eliminate stress as much as you can.

11.) When the far right penetrate law enforcement

12.) "This is not who we are" is a great American myth

13.) I hate to say I told you so but WE FREAKING WARNED YOU

14.) Therapy and therapists are not for everyone. 

15.) It's so weird that when I defended I said I would write  more about grad school and academia here and I haven't written a single thing. I just don't know what to write. So if you have any questions or ideas on what you want me to write, I'm free free, y'all. I have gotten some questions recently that I might expand into a post here I guess. 

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