Friday Reflections

 1.) Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome.

2.) People keep flocking to this blog for two reasons: this post about Kofi Awoonor from 8(!) years ago and this post about lessons on life and grief from Grey's Anatomy, of all things. It is very interesting because they are so old but also my writing style and topic have evolved significantly from that (or okay, just from the former. I still write things like the latter pretty frequently). What to do about it?

3) That's bound to happen if you've been blogging for so long. 

4.) There is a Medium page for the blog, which is admittedly not too far off from the blog. But hey, it's a writing platform. And I write.

5.) From Prison to Ph.D: the fascinating story of a woman determined to change her life even though society is not willing to let her. That's an old story that I'm bumping up because I recently attended a small event she was invited to speak. This is one of those complexities that require nuance so let me know what you think. 

6.) In thinking about two women who have had to grief publicly, Lauren London and Vanessa Bryant, this brilliant piece explains why their worth should not be determined by their proximity to the incredibly famous men they were partnered with—Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant; two giants whose untimely deaths continue to be tragic. 

7.) I just found out the legendary Jane Fonda has a Blog (!!!!) anyway, here's an old post about her post-election thoughts.

8.) Scott Galloway, on recasting American individualism and institutions. Americans are among the most selfish people on this planet and this pandemic continues to reinforce that. But then again, there might be some foreign place with even more selfish people. 

9.) The three biggest  regrets people have at the end of their lives. 

10.) Juicy, meaty topics today, huh? Have a great weekend and watch out next week for either a post on food or book of the month. Heyy, look, we are getting fed one way or another haha.

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