Friday Reflections

1.) Have I mentioned how much I love love love Jane Fonda on this blog? Well I do. She is so profound. Here's exhibit A of her genius: Jane Fonda on love, friendship, and political activism

2.) The two suicides that changed this woman's life.

3.) Okay, this story is wild. But it's basically a glimpse into how this woman was able to navigate spaces while lying that she was black, or hispanic, or "hood".  Except she is a white woman from Kansas. WILD. Identity is super interesting. Because it's one of those things that's hard to question. It's one of those things where you kind of have to take the person's word for it.  

4.) That woman took opportunities belonging to black women. I can't. Now she is saying she is sOrRy. And as with most Americans, she thinks because she's had "trauma" in her past, we are supposed to just forgive her and move on. Try again, jan. 

5.) Now, THIS is a patriot. What a bad ass. 

6.) One evening, this woman was on a call with her friend (in another state) and then she slumped and lost consciousness. Thank God for the efficiency of communication in the 21st century and the fact that she was on a call at the time it happened. She could have been lying unconscious for hours or days before anyone noticed.  Confronting her chronic illness brings an important realization to the forefront: what it means to be single and live alone with all the risks that come with it. 

7.) Oomph another heavy one. The took mushrooms together. They meditated together. How did it end in murder

8.) The legendary Whoopi Goldberg on her historic 1991 Oscar win and being the only black woman EGOT (ever). All hail the Queen.

9.) "There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing." The absence of mental illness doesn't mean the presence of mental health. Even if you're not depressed or burned out, you might be languishing—feeling a sense of emptiness and stagnation. Meh.

10.) After his heart attack, a British man decides on a new approach to life—and work— upon getting a new lease on life. His post has gone super viral on LinkedIn.

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