Friday Reflections

1.) The real question is, why is May so freaking long?

2.)"After covid upended a dying woman's Rome dream, her twin sister stepped in." I HATE. HATE.  all that this pandemic has taken from people.

3.) Former White House Chef reveals President Barack Obama's favorite pie and his unique eating habits. 

4.) An unconventional take on tithing by Zac Poonen. I have literally never heard of this man so just in case he has some problematic takes out there, don't hold me accountable for it. Lol. 

5.) Hey, you never know. You really never know with men, especially those in positions of power. 

6.) This was an ad we all skipped on YouTube: it turned out to be one of the most powerful videos on the internet. So profound!

7.) This hilarious viral video of an eight-year old imitating her mom. Wow, the things kids actually pick up...mind blowing. Here is the video on YouTube in case you have no access to LinkedIn.

8.) Vulnerability minus boundaries is not vulnerability. Here is how to be vulnerable at work without spilling everything, from Brené Brown.

9.) Here are two home exercise videos for Seniors who are 60 or older. 

10.) A belonging statement that organizations can and should adopt.

11.) There is way, way, way more to share today, but I debated and then decided to end here to avoid information overload. So come back next week for more fun, heartfelt, entertaining, interesting, and maybe even a little weird stuff! I love love love doing these. 

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