Summering in Philly AKA Things To Do in Philadelphia

I know it's officially fall but I still have some old posts about summer to share so...sorry? Lol. In any case, a few weeks ago (sometime in August), we visited Philadelphia and here are some pictures from the vibrant, beautiful, colorful, sometimes rude (yes.) city. Ladies and gentlemen, the city of brotherly love. 

The city at night. By the way, please note that this is quite picture heavy so brace yourself and your thumb or index finger or...ya know, whatever you use to scroll. 

This is a view from a ferris wheel at the Blue Cross Riverrink. The Riverrink had mini golf, a ferris wheel, roller skating, crabfries, cheesesteaks, funnel cake, ice cream and enough junk food to actually make you disgust yourself

The most delicious ice mocha  at a local coffee store/market

Brunch at the same spot.

The famous Love Park in Philly

Brunch from the same spot as above.

Okay, this was a pretty dope idea at Wonderspaces. It's called "The Last Word" and is an invitation to share thoughts left unsaid. Anyway, find some of the words people wrote below.  By the way, I can't believe I didn't take more pictures at Wonderspaces, legit shocked  that I didn't get more. I think we were just in the moment cos it was truly the MOST beautiful place filled with all manner of experiences. It's called the home of extraordinary art and they are not lying at all. There was an immersive walkthrough experience visualizing virtual form and movement in physical space. We had a VR session, saw interesting art, I loved it. Interestingly enough, we just stumbled onto it. We had made it a thing to walk around the city (spent hours walking) and then bam just stumbled on this gem. It cost about $20 or $30 per person but it was the b best $20 spent in Philly, for real. We also walked by Philly waterfront, had some funnel cake and ice cream. Sometimes the best vacations are the ones you don't plan rigidly and just...go with the flow, which if you know me, you know this is HARD. 

There were deeper, poignant, more personal words (some, even downright heartbreaking and shattering) but I thought to keep them [away] from the Internet and leave them personal. 

Here are all of them on a wall. 

That's it, folks! There are two videos I would like to share but for some reason they are not being uploaded here and I'm tired of waiting for them, so I will post them on Instagram stories here tomorrow (Wednesday). While you're at it, please follow the page. I'm losing steam on IG but your follow will increase that steam haha.

Philadelphia is a beautiful place, and I hope you'll visit: the food, the sites, tourism, the history etc. The good thing is for almost everything I mention here you can do no matter the season so this is applicable too even for fall. There is an interesting advert about Philly that says if you visit Philly during the weekend, you are the type that will walk around work on Monday morning, smiling from ear to ear, happy, gliding, gloating hahaha. Look, I can't promise you miracles but I can say it's a fairly affordable vacation spot (depending on where you are coming from) plus easily accessible to New York too so you can make it a thing. By the way, Philly and its authorities did not pay me to say these things oh [gotta channel my Nigerianness here].

Love, and some R and R,


Friday Reflections

 1.) I'm back, people! Not that you asked, but I'll tell you anyway—I was on vacation. 

2.) Ten thousand women die in car crashes each year because of bad design. 

3.) "There’s no quick way to measure someone’s intelligence. Every single instrument we have has been debunked. Intelligence exists in too many forms. It’s too culturally situated. It’s open to bias." - Jessica Wildfire 

4.)The real way to find out how smart someone is. [note this is a similar link to number 3]

5.) John Mulaney tells Seth about his eventful year.

6.) About four thoughts on that video in number 5. First, SETH is such an amazing friend. THAT, is the true definition of friendship. Love to see it. 

7.) Next, I can't imagine the pain his ex-wife must be in (after dealing with him and his issues all these years) hearing him talking about someone he literally just met (and is HAVING A BABY WITH) be this one savior who helped him through his issues.

8.) Then, in less than one year, he has checked into rehab, separated from his wife, moved out of his house, relapsed, had an intervention, back into rehab, out, met someone, dated her, divorced his wife, and is now expecting a baby. All of this in like 10 months or so. Even for someone with no addiction and/or mental health issues, this is TOO much.

9.) I'm sending him love though, I can't imagine the courage it must take to be so brave and so vulnerable like so. 

10.) Brené Brown, on empathy.

11.) A fantastic essay by Gabrielle Union on the hard truth about her surrogacy journey. Wow. 

12.)   Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is in a different place now. A brilliant profile of a brilliant person.