Book of the Month: Paper Gods by Goldie Taylor

Finally, a book of the month! I can NOT believe the last book of the month post on this blog was in MAY. May, ya'll! First of all, let's do black church praise dance for a second. *cue shouting, screaming, and stomping the floor*. That, as you will see below, is a little aligned with the book of this month. Okay, now that we're back, I'm very excited to bring you the book of this month titled, "Paper Gods" by Goldie Taylor. I first heard of the book from Joy Behar on The View.  Actually, I just double checked and it was in fact Sunny Hostin who mentioned it as one of her summer books recommendation. 

Friday Reflections

 1.) Beloved Montreal neuroscientist, Dr. Nadia Chaudhri, has passed away after dealing with ovarian cancer. She shared her journey from when she was diagnosed last year till when she was in palliative care, in between sharing difficult aspects such as how she told her son she was dying as well as sprinkling joy and inspiration every now and then. In her final days, she continued to raise funds for under-represented students and raise awareness for ovarian cancer.  I'm absolutely devastated.

2.) One thing she inspired women to do was take charge of our health and speak up at the doctor's. Do NOT less any doctor dismiss your pain. For so long, she was being treated for a urinary tract infect and by the time the cancer was discovered, it had spread. hmmph

3.) Whew.

4.) Life is so senseless. So meaningless. Ah. 

5.) A brother’s obituary for his ‘Special Sister’ became a poignant internet phenomenon.

6.)  TFD has been trying out a four-day workweek and have been really successful. Man, I would give anything to actually have a 32-hour, 4-day workweek. It would give me so much time to rest and pursue my other passions. But then again even 40 hours is actually way more than that already sooo knowing our culture, even the 32-hour workweek would somehow spill over. 

7.) The unmaking of biblical womanhood.

8.) How to use what's in your hands.

9.) This week's New York Times' ethicist column is filled with fascinating quandaries. Like would you, after years of taking care of your ailing, abusive father, grant his request to let him access toxic web feeds that push conspiracy theories like Sandy Hook was fake, sToP tHe StEaL and other nonsense? 

10.) How to stop languishing and start finding flow.

11.) That's it folks. This week's Friday Reflections is not as cheery but I guess that's life. Have a safe, restful weekend. Try not to take things too seriously and not to take too many things to heart. Let love be your guiding force.

Love, lots and lots of love,