Friday Reflections

 1.) I'm super excited to be blogging, especially about  Friday Reflections. I've been all over the place (quite literally) recently, traveling, doing a bunch of stuff etc. and wow I'm exhausted, so blogging is my reminder that I'm getting back (albeit slowly) to my equilibrium. 

2.)This gentleman quit sugar for an entire year and I already know it could never be me.

3.) Life lessons from 100-year olds. The common thread in that video is love, joy, and taking the good with the bad. Not one complain from any of them. NOT one, even after literally living for an entire century. That's a damn fine way to live.

4.) "I don't have many failures. If I'm making a cake and it fails it becomes a pudding"- Clifford Crozier, aged 101

5.) A 75-year old Harvard study (yes, the research has been conducted for over 75 years) examined a group of men over 7 decades to understand what makes a good life. Hint: it's not money or fame or power or a good education. Instead, it's relationships, social connections....more specifically, the QUALITY of these relationships is what matters.

6.)  My true feelings about this interview with the wife of the Pulse night club gunman cum mass murderer are so long and so complicated that I will just share the interview with you (and spare you my opinion) so you can form your own thoughts. But know that I have THOUGHTS. 

7.) Y'all please, that one child that harasses other kids, and throws scary tantrums and throws women on walls in the 3rd grade, let's not ignore them. GET THEM HELP because they grow up to be monsters. Selah.

8.) I didn't know Kumail Nanjiani's body was such an internet sensation.

9.) I don't know how I feel about this. I LOVE Kumail but this profile showed a lot of worrisome behavior: extreme food restriction(no carbs, can only have desserts on Fridays), working out obsessively, knowing his weight to the tenth decimal, weighing himself every single day. I'm worried that it would be normalized. And boy does he need therapy, lots of insecurity. Whew. Hollywood is something.

10.) Huma Abedin, on the moment her private life went public. I always feel so terribly for excellent women who...just married scum (that derail their life), especially in cases where they just couldn't have prevented it. Like, how was she to know that she was marrying a creepy pervert who was "perpetually horny" and derived specific pleasure from...wait for it...sexting minors. **barfs**

11.) A somewhat accurate rank of the men on Insecure. The Jered one is an absolutely false assessment. Ladies, you have every right to your preferences and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Also, Molly is so messy. WHY?

12.) Is it possible to be proud of an internet stranger cos I'm super freaking proud of this badass woman

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