Friday Reflections

 1.) Our first Friday Reflections of the year. *Throws Confetti* Welcome, welcome. How has this year been for you? Lowkey, I did not set a single goal this year Lol. My main thing is my relationship with God, praying etc. Otherwise, all vibes, baby!

2.) Okay, on to today's business!

3.) Language shapes our emotion

4.) The one-minute secret to forming a new habit. 

5.) The surprising habits of original thinkers. 

6.) I found this old post on faith, and how to make a decision when your faith falters. And wow. 

7.) Why you will marry the wrong person. "You can't think too much. You can think badly but there is no such thing as thinking too much about emotions."

8.) The importance of being color-full: a journey in black and white.

9.) Focusing your full attention on a single task is incredibly important. Adam Grant said researchers have found that the best predictor of well-being is not optimism but flow, which is the feeling of being in the "zone" state of total absorption in an activity.  There will be a post focusing on this idea, on concentration, on focus, on deep work. I've been really excited about these topics for this year and looking forward to dissecting this further. 

10.) Alright folks, have a great year ahead, but [in the words of Tabitha Brown] if you can't , don't you dare go messing up somebody else's. 

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