Friday Reflections

1.) Most of today's reflections are YouTube videos. It is a signal for me to spend less time on YouTube, but I suppose it does tend to be easier for people than reading another long form essay (my favorites).

2.) Tabitha brown envisioned being "America's mom".

3.) Some life errands are terribly boring. Pay bills. Make calls. Check bank statements. Be on top of things. Ugh. And it's interesting we have to do this for...ever? 

4.) Marcia Fudge grapples with America's acute housing crisis. The housing crisis, while not flashy or sexy enough a problem to make politicians pontificate, is still very dangerous. Skyrocketing rent, lack of available units, and a few people buying all the available properties because "investment". I don't think you can live in 8 homes at once, please remember that. 

5.) Quit social media or at least spend less (much less) time on it. I am on some kind of rallying cry to get us less addicted to these things. I am now "back" on social media but don't go as often anymore. I'm sufficiently weaned off it, but I know as with addiction to anything, it is always a dangerous slippery slope. 

6.) One tip for reducing social media is to first get rid of FOMO. Second, stop being so nosy. I am a very nosy person, but now, I just don't care if I don't get to see another person go on vacation or another make a fool of him/herself. These things always find their way to you anyway. 

7.) Jimmy Kimmel surprised Quinta Branson with the 6th grade teacher she named her new show after. This was heartwarming enough as it is, but trust Jimmy Kimmel to make it even more beautiful. 

8.) As I watched  #7, I thought, is there any teacher in my past that made such an imprint in my life, and people, the answer is no. Okay okay, if I definitely DEFINITELY had to produce one then maybe Mr. Foster from primary 5. But otherwise, I just never had a special connection with my teachers nor did anyone have a great impact on me. Lol. 

9.) Here is an heartwarming story that is both bittersweet and funny (characteristic of Katherine Heiny's writing) about her mother who is suffering from dementia.

10.) Foods that fight inflammation. 

11.) The hidden costs of Ivy Leagues. I've never understood the hype behind these schools. They are soooo toxic. I can't imagine going to a place like this or wanting your child to go to a place like this.

12.) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Addresses The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria. Truth telling is already bravery, but when it is directly addressed to who it is meant for, well, that's just an additional level of courage. One, I strive towards.

13.) It's a wrap, people. I always try to keep these under 10 but alas, LOL. I hope these tide you over the next week especially when you get bored at work or life. I'm happy it's Friday. Have a good weekend!

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