Friday Reflections

1.) Elizabeth Moss is a powerhouse of an actress. I have never not seen that woman put up a STELLAR performance, with every breath of air from her and hair on her skin fully embodying her character. I hope she gets more recognition, this New Yorker profile does her some justice, especially helping us understand the contradiction as a pop-icon and feminist steeped in Scientology.

2.) Blogging is a hobby for me right now. I realize that' sounds crazy especially in this world where everything is monetized. 

3.) Stop catastrophizing.

4.) "It is easy to dress up a lie so nicely, that it starts to take on the glow of a truth. We cannot talk about the admirable decision of the UK government to accept refugees from Ukraine without also talking about the other refugees who the British government will unceremoniously ship off to Rwanda." - Chimamanda Adichie.

5.) Self defense training for stand up comedians. 

4.) Jane Fonda. The iconic. That is all.

5) Trevor Noah's remarks at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. This felt like OG comedy. Just pure roasting. Although he came for everyone, it was definitely not mean spirited and he came for everyone.

6.) She  donated her kidney to her boyfriend and then he cheated on her.

7.) Today's reflections are short and sweet. Have a good weekend!

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