Friday Reflections

 1.) My friend suddenly passed away last week and all the usual words--devastating, senseless, unimaginable, heartbreaking, despair--just won't do. I told my other friend that there are some things the brain won't (or can't) process, such as this. Because he was so young (only 33), the word that keeps coming to mind is "unfinished". All that never was for him, oh man. 

2.) So I am trying not to be unfinished. I am trying to do. If I have dreams, I want to go for it. I want to do. Part of that is this blog so yeah, here we are. 

3.) Happy Friday, people. Most of the below have been sitting in the draft for way too long.

4.) How this woman's political identity came to be so enmeshed in her husband's and all the way he chipped at her identity. 

5.) This woman used Grubhub to pass a message to a restaurant to call the police.

6.) Why our public transportation sucks.

7.) Life is easy, why make it so hard. 

8.) Discovering your authentic leadership. 

9.) Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

10.) Obesity is a national security issue.

11.) I want to end this post with this: so much of this life is quite meaningless. Some people are so lucky that the thing that irritated them the most this week is a frivolity. And they get to exist [in parallel] with people dealing with unimaginable loss, pain, fear. Imagine that, imagine being up in arms about some nonsense that won't matter in a month or six months. Think about that. My friend (another one again) told me that loss, grief, pain, sadness can bring perspective. I am sharing this with you in the hopes that it also brings you perspective, no matter how small. 



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