Life's Mess, Our Mess, Seasons, Lessons, and Gratitude: Coping with the World We Find Ourselves Today

Oh man, it's been a while I just free-flowed here and wrote from the "spirit". Here goes. 

Our world is such a constant influx of information, complex dynamics, inconsistencies, uncertainty,'s endless. Every one is acting like they're fine—actually, no this isn't true. There is a real recognition that we aren't fine. Something has shifted for humanity and while we can acknowledge this, no one is really committed to solving it. I think there are various reasons for this, but the one reason that comes to mind now is majority of these problems are in fact, unsolvable.

So we resort to chasing things, dreams, identities, endless vacations, money. We just want something tangible with the hope that it would fill it. Now, even I don't know what "it" is but neither do those who yearn to fill "it". Again, unsolvable.

Friday Reflections

1.)  How to lead in a crisis. 

2.) The secret to building resilience. 

3.) Viola Davis gives a masterclass while eating hot wings.

4.) It's a Sunday morning (as of this writing), and thanks to my sister, I just discovered the corner of the internet where celebs eat really spicy chicken while granting interviews and OMG I have almost peed my pants from laughing. Also WATER is not the antidote for pepper, MILK, people, MILK. Watch Idris Elba's episode to LAUGH your behind out.

5.) "The heaviest pain in the world" Rob Delaney on losing his son, Henry. Absolutely tear-jerking, terrifying, and heartbreaking; it is a forceful reminder of all the pain in this world. 

6.) Evie and Stephen's 29th wedding anniversary

7. We are keeping today short and simple. Go ahead and have a fabulous weekend.