Seven Lessons in Memory of 2022 for Now and Beyond

It's the last day of the year, and almost automatically, we are drawn to a kind of certain retrospection. That's not the worst thing in the world, but too often we are partial to the negative. I like to say that the seductive nature of pessimism is especially alluring this time of the year. Don't give in to it. Life isn't always either good or bad. Mostly, it is either a mix of both or comfortable in between the spectrum of both ends. In that vein, here are some things to keep in mind for now or whenever. 

The Devil Needs No Advocate But Here We Are

The devil doesn't actually need advocates but every other minute, we find people volunteering for that job rather needlessly. We have just recently celebrated the birth of Jesus and we are all trying to peacefully usher in the New Year as best as we can. In between those two monumental celebrations, whereas most people are spending this time with their families and loved ones, or sleeping, or eating, or binge-watching TV, a certain young man of the name Kevin DeYoung chose to do something different. He chose to write an entire essay defending an ENSLAVER, John Witherspoon.  Don't waste your time reading that rubbish. I did and I can promise you it's not worth your time during this festive season. Here is the gist of the entire matter. Based on the activism of some folks at Princeton University, there is currently a debate as to whether the statue of Witherspoon (who not only owned slaves but was against abolitionism) should be removed from Princeton. Now, whether or not you think this statue should in fact be torn down is not quite the matter here. 

Friday Reflections

 1.) Friday Reflections on a Saturday, because why not?!

2.) It IS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME of the year. Head on here for lots and lots of Christmas cheer.

3.) Bullies mocked his shoes, and then his 12 year-old friend got him a new pair with his own allowance

Book of the Month: Sankofa by Chibundu Onuzo

 Welcome to the Book of the Month! Our Book of the Month series on this website is where I take you on the journey of my favorite book that month, or perhaps, it is more accurate to say the most significant book I read that month, or the book that stood out the most. I think of it as TIME's person of the year; it is not always heroes, it can sometimes be a villain. So while I wouldn't necessary include a book I outright hate, I may not alway select the book I loved the most that month. I wonder if that made sense. Welcome. 

I am really hoping for a short and sweet post this month. The book for this month is Chibundu Onuzo's Sankofa. I have always followed her, in the sense of being aware of someone. Interestingly, I have never actually read any of her three books. She is what you call a multi hyphenate creative: she sings, dances, writes, and has a Ph.D. Oh to be young, black, AND gifted. In any case, I was excited to pick up Sankofa.

Surviving Traveling, Turbulence, and Bumpy Flights: A Short Story

Now, that's a dramatic title for what is about to be quite the benign, if adorable story. 

I shared it on my personal Instagram and so many people seemed to appreciate it so I thought to bring it to the blog. I know I know. I am archaic like that. Here goes. And this is a real life story by the way. 

This story starts, as most do, with a journey. I was on a work trip and heading back home. At first, my first flight was delayed by two hours, which automatically meant I was going to miss my connecting flight. I have to say, I always have the most dramatic flight experiences. Anyway, the next thing I know my connecting flight was moved to the next day. Believe me when I say, this wasn't the most dramatic aspect of this trip. Here comes that part.